In August UK Dance Wars performed as part of an end of project show at the Riverside Centre. The project was run in the community centre on the Wandle Valley Estate in Mitcham. The project was funded for 10 weeks to offer free dance lessons to all residents and the local community. The Deputy Mayor Councillor Sue Stears, attended the show and said “I was very impressed with the children' s enthusiasm and their fitness. It was great to see the respect they showed to each other and to their instructors, which I learnt was part of the Dance Wars culture."


The riverside centre


“Dance Wars has made my daughter very welcome as it has a family atmosphere about where we are all a team including parents. My daughter has attended for 6 months and has improved widely. Her confidence has grown immensely.” 


Emma Jacobs

“UK Dance Wars has become our extended family” since my son started 18 months ago and he has amazed me!! He has become confident, determined and totally dedicated to dance. My son has achieved high levels of stamina through dancing; he has performed many times with them including for Dave Weir (Para-Olympic Gold Medalist) awards ceremony and it makes me totally proud that he is part of this fantastic group. This is definitely a great way to keep him fit, healthy and he is now determined to achieve high levels not just with his dance crew but within the school as my son has a talent to share with others. UK Dance Wars have taught him so much in a short space of time.  They are fun, friendly and caring towards the children and they work hard to achieve high levels of dance with your child. I would highly recommend them!

Miss Hernandez

I first met UK Dance Wars in early autumn 2012. They came to our school and ran a demonstration assembly to each Key Stage and advertised the group and this was to be the start of a weekly after school club, which would run every Monday after school. The dance club has now successfully run for the 3rd Term teaching after school at Culvers House Primary. The whole project, in terms of what the group do and who they are aiming at came across very clearly and the children were very enthusiastic about the club starting at school. The club has been well attended and it has had a very positive impact upon the children who attend. It has hugely increased the children’s self- esteem and confidence I am very happy with the whole set up of Dance Wars and can see, on a daily basis, the positive impact that it has had upon the children at our school. I would also recommend this group to other schools.


Adam Young Deputy Head Culvers House Primary School

Mr Young - Deputy Head Culvers House Primary

A group of students after there Awards Ceromonies presented by Deputy Mayor Sue Stears Sutton Council

“’Dance Wars is Brilliant’”

They have outstanding dance teachers that can not only dance, but also make everyone feel welcome and inspire confidence.”


Mrs Taylor

One of our young students with David Weir after a performance for him

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My son joined the crew when he was 4 years old he is now 5 and I have seen him grow in confidence and ability at a rapid pace. Lil'T has a real passion and determination for streetdance which the Dance Wars teachers continue to help him develop. It's a family thing and the fam helped my boy win his first trophy at his 1st competition!


Siobhan Edwards

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UK Dance Wars provide a wonderful early morning street dance class every Friday morning. The children arrive full of enthusiasm ready to learn new moves for an hour before school!! Whenever they give a dance display to the school all the pupils are very impressed with the skills shown by our dancers, some of whom are only 5 years old. The instructors are amazing dancers, as well as being great teachers and they are well respected by all the pupils. In turn they show the children a lot of respect. The UK Dance Wars instructors have given many pupils at All Saints Benhilton the chance to improve their confidence, their coordination and their physical abilities in a fun and exciting way! Thank you UK Dance Wars.


Ros Sutton R.P. Sutton Headteacher All Saints Benhilton C.of E. Primary School

Ros Sutton

"My son has been coming to UK Dance Wars for nearly 2 years and I am so impressed with the transformation he has made. He used to lack confidence and had problems at school but UK Dance Wars have given him focus and determination. He has developed so well under the guidance from UK Dance Wars and is now a confident happy child, doing well at school and has gained fantastic dance ability."


Julie Crowhurst

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