Do you want to learn how to breakdance? Then this is the class for you. This class is designed specifically for beginners wanting to learn the basics of breakdance and grow their confidence week by week. Students will learn essential moves step-by-step at a gradual pace. Ideal for those aged 5 and over, and is the perfect start for beginners and young budding dancers wanting to build on a foundation to becoming a great breakdancer.


In this session, students will learn how to dance in time to the music, as well as learn about rhythm and their co-ordination. Essential techniques being taught will include “Toprocks” – an upright part of breakdance, “Get down” – the transition from standing to floor and “floorwork” – simple techniques including the famous ‘6-step’. This class is taught by Ben.


5pm till 6pm (5 - 10 years old) BEGINNERS





4 Week Booking £25

(1 lesson a week)


4 Week Booking £40

(2 lessons a week)

Monday to Friday Only


4 Week Booking £65

(All lessons)


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Access is gained at the rear of the school via the staff car park.

All payments must be made at the beginning of the class or the beginning of the month.

The second lesson on Tuesday, is for the slightly more experience dancers or dancers wanting to work on breakdance routines. This class will be more challenging to students and will focus heavily on performing. This class is designed to help our young dancers work together as a team for performances.


The key fundamentals of this letter include: sharpening their ability to work as a group, synchronise their dancing and, of course, enjoy it.


This class is taught by Emily.


6pm till 7pm (11 - 16 years old) BEGINNERS






All intermediate breakdancers (B-Boys/B-Girls) are welcome to this session where we will spend time working on new techniques, transitions and variations for them to practice.


We will also recap on the routine from the day before; tidying the small details like hand placement and the clean execution of technique.


This class is taught by Heaven.


5pm till 6pm (5 - 11 years old) INTERMEDIATES



The second session on Wednesday is for those who have moderate dance experience. Our focus is on intricate moves from various different styles of dance designed to challenge students to constantly engage at a higher level for competition. The class will also include strengthening and cardio vascular movement in a growing effort to enhance students abilities and fitness.


This class will include how to perform, engage the crowd whilst making sure students dance technique is pristine. This class is not suitable for beginners but if you think your child is ready to move up a class or you would like them to start competing at a competition then please get in touch. This class is taught by Heaven.


6pm till 7pm (11 - 16 years old) INTERMEDIATES


We have allocated Fridays specifically for students wanting to develop their skills with other students, working on body strength moves for competition. This fun and exciting class explores different aspects of working on high energy tricks to freezes.


From our experience of competition we know that including high level strength movement like freezes in your dance routines adds more flavour and style ranking you higher than someone who does not possess the same skills. This session is for those who are definitely competing or working towards competition.


This class is taught by Emily.


5pm till 6pm (6 - 16 years old) BEGINNERS AND INTERMEDIATES


This 2 hour lesson sole focus on UK Dance Wars crew "7"


With so many performance throughout the year as well as training for competitions, all of our students train together to a particular piece of music consisting of various different styles of dance. We work heavily on clean techniques. This class also contains high level exercise to build up strength and stamina.


Recommended for those serious about competing!


1pm till 3pm (6 - 16 years old) INTERMEDIATES


Want to learn the latest moves to the latest tracks and imagine you are in a music video?? Then this is the class for you! In this fun, energetic session, students will learn a routine as a group. This is the perfect way to introduce a child to dance, building their confidence and self-esteem whilst learning timing and co-ordination. Suitable for all levels, this class is taken by Lauren, who has taught for us before doing the odd workshop, but is now a permanant member of our team and the kids absoulutely love her! This class is hugely popular so book your child's place today.


5pm till 6pm (5 - 10 years old) BEGINNERS AND INTERMEDIATES


6pm till 7pm (11 - 16 years old) BEGINNERS AND INTERMEDIATES

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We have limited spaces in our classes,  so it important for you to tell us if you cannot make a lesson.

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What to Wear?

If you're getting ready for your first hip-hop class, you may be wondering what kind of shoes are good for dance and what you need to bring with you. The good news is, it's pretty easy to dress for class, because dancers tend towards a casual and comfortable style!


Sweatpants or other loose-fitting athletic pants and a vest top or t-shirt is the usual attire for dance class. If it's cold, wear a sweatshirt or some type of layer to make sure you get warmed up in class; this helps prevent injury.

Trainers are a must!!


Most dancers tend to dress down for class, wearing something easy to move in, casual, and fairly plain.

Always bring a healthy drink or bottle of water to class.


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