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Our Competition Squad

UK Dance Wars have been regularly competing since 2013 at various national competitions in and around the UK.


We first started to compete in the solo dancers category as we continued to grow, making great headway with students placing in the top 6 in their categories with sometimes upto 90 dancers.


In 2016 we started to compete with our U18 crew. In our first competition we placed 2nd out of 14 crews which was a fantastic achievement for our small dance club and our students




Latest Comp Results

Here are the latest results from the Soar British championships Event in Manchester. A massive well done to all of our dancers who competed.


                     SOLOS           DUOS

Adam               3rd        

Cam'ron           2nd                          

Cam'ron & Ellie                        5th

Lauren & Georgina                  3rd

SEVEN(the crew) came 6th in the U18 new comer categoy.

Adam is the longest standing student with 6 years under his belt at our club. He wasnt always successful on his journey to competing on a National Level, his first 6 competitions he never made it through the semi-finals but this did not deter Adam, it made him push even harder. Through his hardwork, dedication and passion for dance and competitions Adam places at ever competiton within the top 6. Pictured above is Adam being the only student to have ever won the triple....1st in Solo, 1st in his duo and 1st in the crew and its happened twice. also

Our competition gallery

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UDO Worlds 2017

At the 2017 UDO World street dance championships we had four of our students compete and all of them came back from Glasgow with at least one trophy and two of them became world champions.

Cam'ron became the under 16 beginner world champion, Lola became the under 10 novice world champion, Adam came 6th in the world in under 16 novice and Adam and Nicholas as a duo came 5th in the world in under 16 novice.

manchester adam